Saudi authorities detained the military attaché of Turkey

As informs TV channel Al Arabiya, citing sources in Riyadh, the military attache of Turkey in Kuwait Michael Ihsanoglu was detained at the airport in the Arabian city of Damman, where he tried to fly to Dusseldorf.

According to the channel, Ihsanoglu had been detained at the request of the Turkish government. It is assumed that the diplomat was supported by the military, who this weekend tried to make a coup in Turkey.

Earlier, the state news Agency of Saudi Arabia SPA issued a statement of king Salman, in which he formally congratulated the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the restoration of stability.

According to the latest information, the Turkish authorities have detained 6,000 people, suspected of involvement in the coup attempt. Among them, more than 70 generals and admirals, including the former commander of the Turkish air force Akin Ozturk.

During the attempted coup and its suppression on the streets of Turkish cities, according to official information, killed 190 people. This figure does not include those killed 104 participant in the rebellion.