The Istanbul police were instructed to shoot down any helicopters

According to the news Agency Anadolu, head of the Istanbul police and Mustafa Caliskan gave the order to shoot down without warning any helicopters that will appear over the city. It does not specify whether the authorities fear that tried to commit a coup rebels have in stock any air equipment.

Also, the authorities pulled in Istanbul 1800 fighters police special forces from neighboring provinces. They were placed at strategically important streets and sites.

The attempted coup in Turkey started with the fact that the right part of the rebels blocked the bridge over the river Bosphorus. They were there for several hours. Only by the morning of 16 July, the soldiers began to surrender to the supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As found out the preliminary inquiry among the leaders of the coup attempt was the air force officers, including former commander of the Turkish air force Akin Ozturk. In this regard, the rebels took control of the planes and helicopters they used for the air attacks on government facilities in Ankara. At least two helicopters were shot down by fighters subordinate commanders, loyal to the incumbent President.

In the afternoon of 16 July the Turkish authorities announced that the rebels were several helicopters to be shot down. It is known that one of the planes later landed in Greece, where he was on Board the soldiers surrendered to the local authorities and asked for political, ubija.