The Kremlin said the calls to remove Russia from the Olympics in Rio

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Monday, July 18, told reporters that the Kremlin is “resolutely oppose the use of doping,” according to the reporter . According to him, the Kremlin believes that athletes caught doping should be punished, and the punishment of the innocent should be considered unfair.

Commenting on the publication of The New York Times that the representatives of the anti-doping organizations in ten countries are preparing to ask the IOC to withdraw the whole national team of Russia with the upcoming Olympics, Peskov said that it was “too serious a topic to be based on newspaper information. “You can only come from official statements,” — said Putin’s press Secretary.

“Based on the information of hypothetical properties with news sources we can’t. Too serious question. When will be announced any official statement, we will then be able to say anything,” said Peskov. He added that there is “an Arsenal of legal means to protect the interests of our athletes”. “Of course, the Russian side will use this Arsenal to the end,” — said the press Secretary of the President.

The question, insisted the leadership of the country to the Russian athletes came in first place during the Olympics in Sochi, Peskov called “absurd.” .”Of course, this can not be and speeches” — he concluded.

On the eve of The New York Times reported that ten countries, including USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Switzerland and Canada, and 20 “sport group” are prepared to put forward the demand to ban Russian participation in the Games. The publication claimed that they “joined in the pending confirmation of the statements of the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov, who claims that during the Sochi winter Olympics 2014 his laboratory have made the substitution of doping tests for athletes.

This question, according to the NYT, will be raised on July 18, when an independent Commission WADA will publish a report relating to the investigation of doping at the Olympic games in Sochi.

Previously, “Sport-Express” published with the editorial office the draft of a letter written by the head of the U.S. anti-doping Agency (USADA) Travis Tigertom, in which he demanded to remove the entire Russian team from participation in the 2016 Olympics. Judging by the text of the letter, it must be published on Tuesday, July 19.