Turkey has suspended work associated with preacher Fethullah Gulen Bank

Turkish Deposit insurance Fund said on Monday, July 18, announced the suspension of activities of Bank Asya, according to Reuters. Activities of Bank Asya suspended after the tender for the sale of the Bank had not attracted any offers.

Bank Asya was founded by followers living in the US Islamic preacher Fethullah Gullen, which the Turkish authorities called the mastermind of the military coup in the country. According to Reuters, Bank Asya is one of more than 20 organizations in Turkey linked to Gulen, including a number of opposition media.

Bank Asya was founded in 1996 with headquarters located in Istanbul. In may last year, Bank Asya had been taken under state control.

In March of this year, the Turkish authorities said that Bank Asya will be eliminated, in case he cannot find a buyer or merge with another credit institution. According to Bloomberg, the actions of the regulator in relation to Bank Asya began last year after a corruption scandal involving a number of Turkish Ministers, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described as a coup attempt from the side of Gulen and his supporters.

On the night of 16 July, a group of Turkish military attempted a coup in the country, but the next day the authorities managed to bring the situation under control and they announced that a coup attempt by rebels has failed.

The Turkish authorities have accused of organizing the attempted coup, Gulen, who lives in the United States. Erdogan made a statement, which urged President Barack Obama to extradite g├╝len to Turkey. Himself an Islamic preacher condemned the attempted coup and said he was not involved in it.