Turkish authorities have temporarily banned public servants to go abroad

Turkey suspended the departure of civil servants abroad, informs television channel NTV. The reason is the attempt of a military coup in the country.

According to the channel, the owners of green and gray passports will still be able to travel abroad, but they will have to obtain special documents.

Coup attempt occurred on the night of 16 July. She was devastated the next day, the morning of Saturday, the rebels surrendered. Sunday, July 17, Ankara said the restoration of control over the country.

According to the latest data, which led the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, after the mutiny, was detained 7,5 thousand people. Of these, 100 detained — police officers, more than six thousand military, 755 — judges, 650 — civilian. From among the 316 detainees were arrested. In addition, the removal from office of 2,7 thousand employees of the judicial system, 1.5 thousand officials from the Ministry of Finance and 8.7 thousand people in the interior Ministry.

According to him, during the coup of 208 people were killed, in particular 60 officers, 145 civilians and three soldiers. About 1.5 thousand people were injured. Also killed 24 members of the coup and 50 were wounded. Reuters wrote earlier about 290 killed during the rebellion.

The Turkish authorities have accused of organizing the attempted coup, Gulen, who lives in the United States. Erdogan made a statement, which urged President Barack Obama to extradite gülen to Turkey. Himself an Islamic preacher, said he was not involved in it.