Turkish media reported on the recognition of the ex-air force commander in the planning of the coup

Akin Ozturk, the former commander of the Turkish air force, admitted to prosecutors in the planning of the coup, according to the state Anadolu news Agency. Turkish TV channel NTV also reported that he acted with the intent to commit a military coup.

At the same time, the private broadcaster Haberturk reports that the former commander did not acknowledge his role in organizing the coup, moreover, he was allegedly told prosecutors that he tried to prevent it, reports Reuters.

Earlier on Monday, Ozturk and other military was taken to court, after which the Turkish military opened fire at the courthouse and was killed.

Earlier, the broadcaster Al Jazeera reported that in his correspondence the rebels called the ex-commander-in-chief key organizer and mastermind of the coup. Before that he is the leader of the rebels, reported Reuters sources. Ozturk was arrested on July 16.

Insurrection, the Turkish authorities have accused supporters of Fethullah Gulen living in the United States. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged U.S. leader Barack Obama to extradite gülen in Turkey.

Secretary of state John Kerry, in turn, have recently called on Ankara to present real evidence linking gülen to the coup. The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim said on Monday that Turkey would be disappointed if her allies demanded proof in a situation where “an organization of murderers trying to destroy the elected government”. “Friendly relations” between the two countries “can be called into question,” warned the Turkish Prime Minister. Gülen himself said about his involvement in the coup attempt.

The attempted coup in Turkey occurred on the night of 16 July, but failed on 17 July the Turkish authorities announced the restoration of control over the country.

According to the latest data, which led Yildirim, after the mutiny, was detained 7,5 thousand people. Of these, 100 detained — police officers, more than six thousand military, 755 — judges, 650 were civilians. From among the 316 detainees were arrested. In addition, the removal from office of 2,7 thousand employees of the judicial system, 1.5 thousand officials from the Ministry of Finance and 8.7 thousand people in the interior Ministry.

According to him, during the coup of 208 people were killed, in particular 60 officers, 145 civilians and three soldiers. About 1.5 thousand people were injured. In addition, 24 people died participant of the coup, and 50 were wounded. Reuters wrote earlier about 290 killed during the rebellion.