Turkish stock market fell by 3%

After the first coup attempt in Turkey trading on the Istanbul stock exchange opened the fall of quotations. In the first minutes of trading on 18 July, the main Turkish stock index fell by almost 3%, including the index BIST30 — 2.85%, and BIST100 — 2.9%. The drop in prices was the strongest for the past three weeks, according to Bloomberg.

Most strongly fallen in price shares of the investment company Yesil Yatirim (-19,75%), textile holding Isbir (-18,69%), energy company Arti Yatirim (-18,64%), media Bakanlar Medya (-15,25%) and the network of fast food restaurants in Etiler Gida Ve Ticari yatirimlar stock Sanayi Ve Ticaret (-15,15%).

At the same time, most European bourses are trading on the morning of 18 July, there are in the green zone. French CAC40 index rose about 0.8 percent, German DAX — 0.9%, the British FTSE100 — 0.65%, Spanish IBEX — 0.75%. At the same time, the stock market is neighboring Turkey, Greece also continued falling of quotations in the minimum of the ASE index fell by 1.95%.

Simultaneously with falling of stock quotes the yield on Turkish government bonds has shown a record for the last three years, the increase of 43 basis points, reaching the level of 9.52% per annum.

At the same time, the Turkish Lira is adjusted after the fall, recorded on the evening of 15 July, after the start of the coup. During the night of Friday trading value of the Lira fell more than 4%, this morning the rate of the Lira against the dollar increased by about 3%.