Died Creator of the Invite, “Bystrov and Velle

Sergey Vyhodtsev, launches in Russia drinks Invite, porridges of instant preparation “quick” and useful products Velle, died at the age of 47, reported on his page in Facebook award Global Students Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), one of the organizers of which in Russia were Immigrants. Cause of death the report does not specify.

In 2008, Sergey Immigrants became the winner of international competition “Entrepreneur of the year” according to EY. In his profile on the website EY notes that he became an entrepreneur in 1990, a year after returning from the army. First, Immigrants who went to Africa, organized a tour business for tourists traveling across the continent by hitchhiking, and then with the partner they came up with the Invite, it follows from the text.

The Natives in the column for Russian Forbes in 2012 he wrote that even while studying in my first year at the Moscow chemical-technological Institute. Mendeleev began to do the “black marketeering”. “Our friends have brought under the order from vacation calculators, watches, personal computers, Atari, which had just appeared. We found the channels, then turn it all into rubles, and then the dollars that were sent back to West Berlin,” he described.

In the second year, according to Vyhodceva, the entire team of aspiring entrepreneurs took to the army, and after his return in 1989, they started to manufacture hours spare parts purchased from the factory in Tatarstan, and collected themselves at the Dorm. “Sold on the opening day on Arbat street a few points there. It was a decent business orders has always been, our obseity the pipeline operated without interruption,” wrote People.

In 1995, Immigrants returned from Africa in Moscow. In an interview to “Russian reporter”, he told me that brought a drink powder with which his friends from the Moscow chemical-technological Institute has developed a formulation of a future Invite. “We actually created a market of $100 million — powdered drinks. And the one who now says it’s not so much disingenuous. The market was created from scratch as there was no market for instant porridge. In General, products such was not” — said Immigrants.

In 1998, Immigrants sold Invite. “My partners have bought” — he said in the program “Business secrets with Oleg Tinkov”, without specifying the amount. All proceeds, according to him, was invested in the project of food production preparation easy. “But it turned out that all is not so simple. The plant we acquired in may 1998, and in August something happened, what happened. Flew in a violent negative, had “attendants” for everybody, and I dumped a second time from Russia,” — said the businessman.

According to him, he traveled to Asia and Hong Kong, found investors who gave him money to build the brand of cereal “Bystrov”. “I came to him, said that there is a cool project with a very large offside, with the possibility of earning, but I need $3 million and to restructure my debts. Asked for help and did the amount of income that is very difficult to give up <…> They refused. And after three months I got three rubles, and for three years gave me a deferment on the loans, he left me alone, gave a start”, he said “the Russian reporter”.

In 2007, the main shareholder of “Bystrov” has become the Swiss food concern Nestle. The transaction was cash-strapped, told People “the Secret”.

In late 2005, Immigrants launched a new brand — Velle, which are produced biasanya yogurts that do not contain milk. For the launch of the brand initially used their own funds. A year after the launch of the package in the Velle I bought the Swiss investment Fund Inventages Venture Capital, said the businessman. The formula of a new product, he said, he found while hunting in Karelia, where they tasted local oat product. “We stayed on a farm where there are only four houses. And there is the old lady in the morning gave me yogurt (it was called “Velle”), which has not a drop of milk as the nearest cow for 100 km <…> had to write it from Karelia, to carry its pots, to take samples of her cellar, as the cellar microflora as it turned out, is the key: even in the neighboring farm already obtained another product. After 15 months the product was ready, but such a difficult 15 months of my life,” said he, “the Secret”.

Sergey Vyhodtsev has organized International youth award in entrepreneurship (GSEA) and was also a co-founder of the Russian branch of the “organization of entrepreneurs” (Entrepreneurial Organization, EO).