“Aeroflot” has suspended the sale of tickets to Turkey

“Aeroflot” has suspended the sale of tickets to Turkey in connection with the prohibition of the Federal air transport Agency. This was reported by the press service of the airline.

The company recalled that the prohibition to send the Russians are regular flights to Turkey operates in Russia since July 16. Those who have booked in this country until July 19 inclusive, will be able to take them without penalty, the report says. Aeroflot also made a one-time date change for parts from Turkey at a later number (up to 29 October inclusive) within the term of validity of a ticket without surcharges and penalties.

To be transported from Russia to Turkey are allowed only to the subjects of foreign States, to be transported from Turkey to Russia is taking all passengers with tickets of “Aeroflot”, said the press service of the carrier.

The airline also made changes to the flight schedule to Istanbul. On July 26, Aeroflot will perform flights there at 10:05 MSK from Sheremetyevo at 14:55 GMT from Ataturk airport.

Rosaviatsia on 16 July decided to suspend the sending of Russians to Turkey by regular flights of Russian and Turkish airlines in connection with the aggravation of the political situation in the country. The Department stated that the restriction will be in effect until the clarification of the political situation. July 17, from Turkey to Russia has returned 450 tourists.

On the night of July 16, in Turkey there was a military coup attempt, but authorities managed to bring the situation under control. During collisions between rebels and supporters of the current government killed 232 people, about 7.5 thousand were arrested. On 16 July the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to organize the removal of the Russians from Turkey.