“Cleaning the interior series”: how the authorities responded to the arrests in the TFR

“Ashamed and bitter”

Later on Tuesday evening Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested the Deputy head of the Moscow Directorate of SKR Denis nikandrova, head of management of own safety of Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Limonova. Formal charges have not yet filed, but they are suspected in receiving a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the Criminal code). According to a source in the FSB, [ and Co. promised money — $1 million to solve the issue of the criminal responsibility of friends of the businessman Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young) — Andrew Kochanova and Eduard Romanov.

On Wednesday, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that all detention — part “anti-corruption” and “internal cleaning.” According to him, this work — the fight against corruption is not only in relation to “officials or economic actors, but also of the investigating authorities”.

He noted that the Kremlin is watching the evolving situation.

The official representative of the TFR Vladimir Markin made a rather brief statement. “I am ashamed and sad for what happened to our so-called colleagues. And it certainly casts a shadow on the whole Department, but the cleanse itself will continue,” — he wrote on his page on the social network Twitter.

Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that the entire operation was conducted by FSB with the approval of the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin and the consent of President Vladimir Putin.

“The TFR is able to cleanse itself, I know many employees of this Department, including retired first Deputy head of the TFR Basil Piskareva, in order to put things in there. But to solve the problem fundamentally, in relation to the TFR, you need to enter the external control in the form of prosecutorial supervision, which existed until 2007,” — said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on legislation, former Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Yury sinelshchikov. According to him, the TFR widespread nepotism, and in this sense, the Department situation worse than in FSB, MVD, etc., because above them there is a system of control.

This accident and extraordinary event, said United Russia Deputy, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front Mikhail Starshinov. According to him, now we need to figure out how these people were in such positions and who allowed them the outlaws”. “If it takes the FSB, so all those who had to follow her, did their job badly,” — said the Deputy.

Resignation of the General

Late in the evening on Tuesday, Agency Legal Report said, citing its sources, that the head of the Moscow Department of the TFR Alexander resigned.

A source close to the leadership of the TFR, also confirmed that Drymanov actually wrote a letter of resignation. But the decision on the appointment and dismissal of heads of regional offices of departments made by the President, and he has not signed a statement Drymanov, said the source.

Official statements of the representatives of the TFR over the resignation Drymanov has not yet been done.

Major General Drymanov prior to my last post in 2014 was the senior investigator for particularly important cases when the Chairman of the TFR.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, he began his career as an investigator in the Department of internal Affairs of Vladimir region, worked as a senior investigator in the Prosecutor’s office, then after the reform of the Ministry passed to the TFR. There he investigated the second “Yukos case” about the theft of 350 tons of oil from the oil-producing companies, investigated the genocide of the people of South Ossetia from the Georgian armed forces and led the case of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko.


The version of the connected high-ranking officers and “reputable businessmen”, was published by the Agency “Rosbalt”. According to him, the key element was the CEO of one of the capital’s chop Dmitry Zvontsov, a former law enforcement officer, recently engaged in the protection Shakro Young.

It Zvontsov, according to the Agency, agreed with investigators about the release of the friends of businessman Andrew Kochanova and Eduard Romanov.

The zvontsov was arrested along with Kalashov. July 13, Tverskoy court issued a warrant for the arrest of Shakro. The petition for arrest Zvantseva the court did not act, said the court officer.

Press Secretary of Presnensky court Anastasia pilina confirmed that the period of detention Kochanova and Romanov, for which they were arrested by the court expired on June 14. The petition to re-arrest reviewed the Tagansky court of capital, again enclosing them in jail until August 15.

According to the materials of the case, Kochunov and Novels took part in the shootout about Elements café in December 2015, during which two people were killed and several more were injured. Kalashov was also charged with extortion from the hostess of the cafe — Jeanne Kim.

Themselves Nikandrov, Maksimenko, Limonov and their lawyers said during the arrests in court that does not admit guilt. Their lawyers have also insisted that in fact there is no evidence of transfer of money.

The lawyer Alexey Nosov said that the materials of the case , in particular the request for the arrest and the decisions of the judges of election of a measure of restraint, the sum of $500 thousand instead of $1 million, as previously reported by the sources of the FSB.