Erdogan told about his salvation during the coup attempt

In Marmaris, where during the military coup he spent his vacation, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the operation is prepared for the attack, told the Turkish leader in an interview with CNN. “In Marmaris, also, was the operation against me, my two guards were martyred,” said Erdogan. According to him, when in Ankara and Istanbul started a rebellion, he, along with his associates made the decision to change the location that foiled the plans of the rebels. “If I’d stayed there another 10 or 15 minutes, I would have been killed or captured,” said President Erdogan, talking about the events of the evening of July 15.

The attempted coup was made in Turkey in the night from 15 to 16 July. After the outbreak of the rebellion in Ankara and Istanbul, President Erdogan delivered a video message to the people. The statement of the President of Turkey was broadcasted by CNN Turk, while he spoke from an unknown place, and his speech was broadcast through the IPhone, which was holding the journalist.

In an interview with CNN, Erdogan said that before he decided to leave Marmaris, he wanted to appeal to the Turkish people in the presence of television cameras and media representatives. However, this time it was already interrupted the broadcasting of their state TV channel. In particular, the suspended stream state TV channel TRT. The broadcast was terminated after it was shown the treatment involved in the coup attempt of the military.

In this situation, said Erdogan, he decided to move to “plan B”. “We used mobile phones and smartphones in order to go live on private television channels”, — he explained.

After treatment, Erdogan flew to Istanbul. According to him, during the flight, he gave the order to release the airport from the coup, which controlled the command center of the airport. “I talked with your pilots and asked how long we can stay in the air. They said that three or four hours. After this time we landed at Ataturk airport,” — said Erdogan.

The attempted coup was made in Turkey in the night from 15 to 16 July. According to authorities, during the coup were killed 208 people. Of these, 60 officers, 145 civilians and three soldiers. About 1.5 thousand people were injured. Also killed 24 members of the coup and 50 were wounded.