In Kiev called the fourth version of the killing Sheremet

As one of versions of murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet, the investigation is considering the assassination of the head of “the Ukrainian truth” Alyona Pritula. This broadcast channel “112” said the press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev Hope maksimets, writes “Ukrainian truth”.

“Investigators consider these versions. Now, perhaps, it is premature to announce any major,” said she. Maksimets added that the house Sheremet and Prytula conducted investigations. The investigation establishes that there was video camera, the search for possible witnesses.

That the consequence considers the version about attempt at Pritula, confirmed the head of the National police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, said the publication “News”. She led a task force that will investigate the assassination of a journalist. The work of the group will involve the FBI, said Dekanoidze, about what earlier wrote “Ukrainian truth” with reference to telephone conversation of its chief editor sevgil Musaeva-Borovik with President Petro Poroshenko.

“Considering all the versions,” said Dekanoidze. “We have to figure out who wants to destabilize the situation in the country. While no specific information. Operational group is working with cameras, interviewing witnesses and family members. Olena Prytula will get the protection as ordered by the President,” she said.

Famous Russian and Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet, who worked in the “Ukrainian Pravda” and other media, died Wednesday morning, when he went to lead a morning broadcast on the radio “Vesti”. He was driving a Subaru that belonged to his civil wife Pritula. According to preliminary data, the explosive device was 400-600 g in a trotyl equivalent. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko called the incident a murder.

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Earlier the adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak said the investigation had three preview. “Professional operation, hostile relations, because this version is used in case of committing such crimes,” he said about the first two versions and did not exclude the version of participation in this crime the Russian special services”.

Pritula on behalf of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was granted protection.