In Sevastopol for the second time rejected the amendment on the direct election of the Governor

On Tuesday, the deputies of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol considered the amendment to the city Charter about the transition to direct elections of governors. Adoption of an amendment required two thirds of votes of deputies — at least 16 out of 24.

For the amendment voted 13 deputies, against — nine, two abstained. As a result, the draft law was again rejected.

The amendment introduced 11 deputies of the legislative Assembly ex — speaker Alexey Chaly, which has a protracted conflict with the Governor, Sergei Menyailo, and his supporters.

The Deputy of legislative Assembly from “an United Russia” Sergey Kravchenko was wondering, does the amendment on the direct election desire Chaly shift Menyailo and does it agree with the position of President? In response, the Deputy Chairman of legislative Assembly Alexander Kulagin, who represented the amendment in front of the Sevastopol Parliament, stressed that “it is not necessary to look for pokemon where there are none”, and recalled that Vladimir Putin noted his commitment to direct democracy at the last Congress of “United Russia”.

Earlier Kulagin explained that last time, on March 1, they failed to carry out the amendment by the legislative Assembly, therefore, in accordance with the regulations two months later they again made it to the deputies.

The authors of the amendments themselves could hardly expect reform in the short term. “In any case, we could accept the amendment in the first reading, and between the first and second reading on the Charter [of Sevastopol] have to pass at least a month. Therefore, the adoption of the amendments on anything especially not be affected,” — said Kulagin.

The transition to direct elections of the Governor of Sevastopol was a promise of “United Russia” and Alexey Chaly on elections to the legislative Assembly. Initially, the IMF advocated a transition to direct elections of governors, but in February changed his point of view. “I support a rigid vertical of power, that the Governor is appointed”, — he said in the program “Posner” on February 16 on “the First channel”.

On the eve of the Deputy of legislative Assembly from “an United Russia” Yevgeny Mashchenko said that it will withdraw from the party in protest in case the amendment was not accepted. In September 2014 the United Russia party went to the elections of the legislative Assembly to the election program, which included including the transition to direct elections of governors, he explained. “We promised the people in direct elections. The program is not running. It turns out that the party cheated the people. So I made a decision: if tomorrow no decision about changing the city Charter, I will leave the party,” he said.

On Tuesday the meeting of the regional Parliament was the last in the spring session. Next time deputies will start work in September.

In parallel, an initiative group of supporters Chaly attempts to hold a referendum in Sevastopol on the issue of election of the Governor. After the electoral Commission of Sevastopol refused the initiative group of the referendum, citing the lack of local law on the referendum, they filed a complaint to the CEC.

According to the leader of the initiative group and associate Chaly, Oleg Nikolaev, the failure of the Sevastopol electoral Commission was politically motivated.