In the United States saw a threat against ISIS after a coup attempt in Turkey

Several high-ranking military and government officials on condition of anonymity told The Wall Street Journal that he feared the consequences for the US operation against banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” after the military coup in Turkey. According to them, the rebellion would damage the U.S. actions, but the damage may not be as large, given that most of the Turkish generals opposed the rebellion.

However, the WSJ notes, experts believe that the recent events in Turkey have demonstrated the fragility of a key US ally in the fight against “Islamic state”.

“The United States will have to look at alternative options for basing, not because the Turks will refuse [from the placement of the U.S. air force on the basis of the] Incirlik, but it will be just smart planning,” explained Aaron Stein, a senior researcher at the Atlantic Council.

An expert on Turkey at the Washington Institute for near East policy Soner Cagaptay suggested in conversation with the WSJ that the background investigation of the attempted coup, the Turkish authorities can temporarily freeze military activities, as officials in the defense sector are now subject to inspections.

“The campaign may be suspended, the campaign may fail”, — he said.

Surveyed by Bloomberg experts believe that the attempted coup in Turkey and the subsequent mass arrests of military and police can have a negative impact on the US operation in Syria, and the internal security of Turkey itself.

“If the [Turkish] will spend their time on a witch hunt, it will weaken the Turkish military and will make Turkey a less reliable partner [for the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS],” said Agency Derek also goes to Ann Scholl, a former adviser to President Barack Obama.

“The United States in Syria militarily will be able to do very little without the cooperation of the Turkish military”, — he added.

The attempted coup in Turkey occurred on the night of 16 July, but July 17, government forces managed to suppress the rebellion of the Turkish authorities announced the restoration of control over the country. Turkish authorities have detained 6,000 people, suspected of involvement in the coup attempt. Among them, more than 70 generals and admirals, including the former commander of the Turkish air force Akin Ozturk, whom authorities believe the initiator of the rebellion.