Lavrov in conversation with Kerry “expressed” about the doping scandal

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov spoke by phone with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and “expressed what he thinks about anti-inflammatory anti-Doping requirements of the U.S. Agency to the International Olympic Committee,” said the Russian foreign Ministry. Kerry in turn said the foreign Minister, “agreed on the need to prevent the politicization of sports.”

On the eve of World anti-doping Agency (WADA) has published the results of the investigation of the independent Committee, from which it follows that Russia was created by doping the system with the support of the state. In particular, according to the report of the Commission for the Games in Sochi, this system allowed to replace the doping of the sample and their contents, so a large number of athletes were able to consume a banned substance at the 2014 Olympics with impunity.

The doping of the sample, according to the findings of WADA, substituting with the support of the security services, particularly the FSB, and with the consent of the leaders of the MST. Controlled system, Deputy head of the Ministry Yury Nagornykh, head of the Ministry Vitaly Mutko could not be aware of what is happening”. WADA demanded to disqualify Russian athletes from participation in all international competitions until, “until you change the culture.” Another condition called the resignation of Vitaly Mutko, who, according to the Commission, was aware of what is happening.

Shortly before the publication of the findings of WADA “Sport-Express” published the available the draft of a letter written by the head of the U.S. anti-doping Agency (USADA) Travis Tigertom, in which he demanded that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to disqualify all Russian team from participation in the 2016 Olympics.

Later, The New York Times wrote that the withdrawal of the Russian team as a whole with the competition in Rio de Janeiro are going to ask ten anti-doping organizations in various countries and 20 sports organizations. Reuters also wrote about the impending request to ban Russia from participating in the Olympics.

After the publication of a draft letter to a representative of USADA, WADA Nenad Lalovic, who also heads the International Federation of wrestling and is part of the IOC, said that the actions of the American Agency undermine confidence in the objectivity of the investigation. The same opinion was expressed in a statement by the International swimming Federation.

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The Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko said about undermining faith in the results of the investigation of the Commission of WADA. Also Mutko said that the USADA has put pressure on the IOC and Russia’s participation in the Olympic games in 2016 will depend on whether the foundations of the IOC under the pressure.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, commenting on the results of investigation by WADA in a statement on the Kremlin website, in particular, reminded that the USADA, as well as similar agencies in other countries “rushed to call for the suspension of the entire team of Russia from participation in the Olympics.” “What is behind such haste: attempt to create a certain information background, to exert pressure? One gets the impression that the experts USADA at least had access to the unpublished report, and perhaps set the tone and content”, — said the Russian President.

In addition, Putin ordered to suspend the officials named in the report WADA “direct executors”. The Kremlin said that Mutko will not be removed from office. Mutko, in turn, announced the suspension of his Deputy Igor Upland.