Mutko commented on the decision the IOC about Russia’s participation in the Olympics

The Ministry of sports of Russia is ready to send to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro’s delegation, which will consist solely of athletes and coaches. This was stated by the head of Department Vitaly Mutko “Interfax” after the international Olympic Committee (IOC) said it will deny accreditation at the Olympic games in Rio all the representatives of the Russian Ministry of sports, as well as any of the persons mentioned in the report of the Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA).

“We hope that the international Olympic Committee and the Association of summer Olympic international federations will consider our issue and will take a reasonable decision. If you have the report confirmed violations of doping rules by some athletes or officials, they must be punished”, — said Mutko. He added that the Russian side is ready “to send only athletes and coaches at the Olympic games, if such a measure be necessary.”

About refusal in accreditation the officials of the sports Ministry and the persons mentioned in the report of the Commission, WADA, the IOC said in a previously released official statement on the outcome of the teleconference on the report. Furthermore, the IOC stressed that the question of the participation of the Russian team in the Olympics will be decided after the Committee will explore the legal possibility of removing a particular team from participation in the Olympic games in full force.

The IOC has announced that it has established a disciplinary Commission to examine the report of WADA and will assess the involvement doping system of the Russian Ministry of sports, as well as all individuals mentioned in this report. The Committee will begin re-evaluated, particularly forensic, all Russian athletes participating in the 2014 Games, as well as all coaches, team members and technical staff of Russian national teams.

Also, the IOC has asked all international sporting federations to conduct a full investigation of the data specified in the report of the Commission, WADA, and if they found evidence of violations of the anti-doping code, to impose sanctions against relevant Russian sports federations.

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Report on the investigation of WADA was made public yesterday. According to him, employees of the Sochi anti-doping laboratory substituted samples Russian athletes and did it with the help of security personnel, including the FSB, and with the consent of the leaders of the MST. Controlled system, Deputy head of the Ministry Yury Nagornykh, head of the Ministry Vitaly Mutko could not be aware of what is happening”.

After the publication of the findings of WADA, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to suspend the officials named in the report WADA “direct executors”. The Kremlin said that Mutko will not be removed from office. Mutko, in turn, announced the suspension of his Deputy Yuri Nagornykh, and other sports officials.