Sending children to Karelia the clerk withdrew from the elections to the state Duma

Barsukova on the withdrawal of his candidacy in Medvedevskom one-mandatory district of Moscow, reported “Kommersant” confirmed the source at the capital’s branch of “United Russia”.

Opponent Barsukova in Medvedkovsky district, the former prefect of Northern district of Moscow Oleg Mitvol has heard that she was sick, he said , refusing further comment.

Previously, he was sent to the state office of public Prosecutor the letter with the request to pay attention to the fact that Barsukov is responsible with the Park hotel “Syamozero”, but still is not a defendant in a criminal case.

The decision Barsukova on his withdrawal was connected with possible claims about the tragedy in Karelia, said the source, close to the city branch of “United Russia”.

The Deputy head of the Moscow Department of social protection Tatiana Barsukova was in the primaries “United Russia” as the independent candidate and won in the district with a score of 62,57%.

Barsukov signed on behalf of the Moscow Department contract with the Park hotel “Syamozero in Karelia, where in June killed 14 children. Member of the Public chamber Georgy Fedorov, commenting on the tragedy, said that violations of the procurement could be one of the causes of the tragedy.

Barsukova was promised a place in the Duma for a long time, she successfully participated in the primaries of “United Russia”, so no fighting in the area was not expected, says the source, close to the city authorities. According to him, when the tragedy occurred on Samsonite and floated her name, everything was ready for the nomination, and the first step is to refuse her the nomination no one. Recently, however, opposition began to actively use this story and tried to discredit the city authorities and standing at the head of the Moscow list of “United Russia” Sergei Sobyanin. After that, a decision was made about its removal, he said. Mitvol, making a decision on the nomination in this district, have realized that the candidate from the authorities there are waiting for problems and therefore decided to run there instead of in one of the districts close to him the Northern administrative district, says the interlocutor.

According to a source in United Russia, the party can’t nominate anyone in this district, thus, in Medvedkovo will continue to fight two well-known candidates: human rights activist Andrei Babushkin from the “Apple” and nominated his candidacy at the last moment from the party “Green” Mitvol.

Babushkin, member of Yabloko since 1999, the municipal Deputy in the estate since 2008. He heads the public organization “Committee for civil rights and part of the presidential Council on human rights.

Clear favorite after the removal Barsukova becomes Mitvol, said the Director of research close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI Alexander Pozhalov. Neither Andrei Babushkin of the “Apple” or Denis Parfenov of the Communist party are electoral powerhouses, he said. Fire recalls that grandmother lost the last elections to the Moscow city Duma, although against him was not put forward by the candidate from “United Russia”, and Parfenov is still very young. “The traditional electorate of the Communist party — the pensioners — most likely, too will vote for Mitvol,” predicts the expert.