The Kremlin has responded to complaints about the pressure in the formation of party lists

The complaint of the pensioners

Chairman of the Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS), Eugene Artyukh published on his page in Facebook an open letter to President Vladimir Putin, in which he complained of pressure on the party by the senior official of the presidential administration.

Pensioners ‘ party adopted at the Congress on 9 July, the list of candidates in deputies of the state Duma, which included including well-known politicians: the former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, the Nenets Autonomous district Vladimir Butov, Pskov region, Yevgeny Mikhailov, and also the Deputy of the state Duma Oleg Savchenko and former mayor of Kaliningrad Yury Savenko. All of them, except Savenko, the Presidium of the party was excluded from the list on Friday. Artyukh insisted that the strike candidates from the list can only exit, so he recognized the Protocol of the Presidium of the unqualified (in the CEC were sent both documents). This week, the party expects a check list.

The party has put forward a competitive list is “not everyone liked it”, says the appeal Artyukh. According to him, the day before Congress called him, referring to the “view from above”, and demanded to remove from the list a few “wrong” candidates. On last week’s “employee of the presidential administration Prokopenko T. V. actively invited to the conversation, some members of the Presidium of the party”, during the interviews they were told that the lists of party you want to exclude a few people. Artyukh meant the curator of the parties in the Kremlin, Deputy head of Department on internal policy of Timur Prokopenko.

Prokopenko in late 2014 — early 2015, became involved in the resonance of the publications of the community “Anonymous international” (blog Shaltay Boltay), posted on the Internet materials containing compromising information about the activities of the various officials and politicians, and their pressure on the media. The information was allegedly obtained as a result of tampering with the mail and phone Prokopenko. After that Prokopenko was replaced by the functionality — it ceased to engage the media, and was in charge of the Federal party, the popular front and the youth organization.

“As arguments sounded, for example, that the father Yurevich lives in Ukraine and financed the “Right sector” and Chairman of the party, i.e. I supposedly got Yurevich multimillion-dollar sum, and soon the record of these actions will be shown on Federal TV channels,” writes Artyukh.

Artyukh drew the President’s attention to the fact that in the 2012 presidential election, he was confidant that the party cooperates with the Russian popular front is Pro-presidential. “We are not satisfied with the role of spoiler, we will truly and honestly participate in the election. We seriously went to the formation of the list of candidates of the party. Convinced that elections should be held in a competitive, fair fight,” concludes Artyukh.

Earlier, the interlocutors reported that half the parties that expressed willingness to participate in the Duma elections, the election does not publish a list because of prolonged negotiations with the authorities. “Sometimes the party suddenly include people with a criminal past, and sometimes simply unacceptable for people power. Such people are cleaned,” said a source close to United Russia.

The reaction of the authorities

“We have worked and will work with all parties, who themselves come to us”, — assured the high-ranking source in the Kremlin. However, he refused more detailed comments, and all other issues are forwarded to the CEC.

A source close to the leadership of the CEC, assured that there is no problem to provide the pensioners ‘ Party and the opposition to take it off the list with no elections. “If such a task was, it would be possible for them to nitpick and find a reason for this: for example, a list of them assured the party’s leader and was the head of the Executive Committee. But this one quibble will not” — said a source in the election Department.

But, most likely, to elections will not be allowed 44 single-seat districts, nominated by the party, the source said . This happens, because the party broke the norm of its own Charter: the nomination of single-seat districts should support the regional office. This was not done, they were proposed by Congress, the source says.

The source also noted that Mikhail Yurevich, who wanted to run from Chelyabinsk, violated several times: it not only supported the Department, but it is also contrary to the requirement of the Charter has not received the recommendation of ten members of the party (this is a requirement of the Statute extends to anyone who is not a member of the party), and also failed to provide the CEC a certificate of foreign assets.

On Tuesday, the CEC is expected a difficult discussion lists of the party of pensioners, confirmed a member of the CEC Nikolai Levichev. “The situation is complicated by the fact that the party was split, and the CEC pelted with complaints from both sides”, he added.

Words Levicheva about the split is confirmed by the fact that some party members with the statement of the head did not agree. Member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party Nikolay Artyukh Polinata accused of raider capture of the party, and stated that on July 15 the Bureau RPPS excluded candidates lawfully and in accordance with the Charter of the party. From the lists was removed those whose biographies were related to criminal cases, corruption scandals which have caused a wide public resonance,” said Polinka “Interfax”.