The media learned about the disappearance of who tried to seize Erdogan’s commandos

Turkish commandos who participated in the attempted seizure of President Erdogan, and sent them the helicopters still have not discovered, found journalist, Hürriyet Daily News, Abdulkadir Selvi.

According to him, the 25 commandos after a failed operation took refuge in the woods. On the night of July 18 from unspecified places after them flew two helicopters. According to Selvi, the helicopter made a landing also at an undisclosed location, and then after that they had no information.

About trying to capture erdoğan said earlier the President himself. He was vacationing in the Marmaris resort, when on the evening of 15 July, the coup began. According to Erdogan, he flew for 10 minutes before behind him came the rebels to arrest him.

According to Al Jazeera, in an attempt to capture the President was attended by 40 commandos on three helicopters, which clashed with the guards of the President. According to CNN Turk, the operation involved 25 commandos.

Before his departure from Marmaris, Erdogan has managed to read the state of the nation address with your smartphone and several hours later arrived in Istanbul to his supporters.

In the attempt of a military coup, which was suppressed by the morning of July 16, the military participated in all the armed forces. On suspicion of treason were arrested former commanders of the air force and Navy.

According to the Times, 14 ships of the Turkish Navy have still not made contact with the headquarters. Also, unknown fate the commander of the fleet of Veysel Casale, which, presumably, was captured by the rebels.