The media learned about the received Ankara from Moscow warning of a coup

The Russian army has warned the Turkish National intelligence organization on the preparation of a military coup. This writes the Iranian news Agency Fars, citing an unnamed Arab media, which, in turn, quoting diplomatic sources in Ankara.

According to diplomats, representatives of the Russian army had intercepted coded radio messages and critical information exchanged between military. They testified about the preparation of the coup.

The sources said that among the intercepted information appeared that several helicopters are sent to the hotel in Marmaris, where Erdogan was before the coup. Earlier Al Jazeera reported that the President of Turkey had to leave the hotel for half an hour before there came the coup, who wanted to arrest or kill him.

The sources could not say what the Russian station was able to intercept the data exchange. The diplomats said that the intelligence unit of the Russian army deployed on the Syrian base Hamim, where aircraft taking part in operations against Islamists. As indicated by sources, the unit is equipped with modern systems of interception of important data.

The Agency recalled that a week before the coup Russia and Turkey began a normalization of relations, which deteriorated after the incident with the downed su-24. The turning point came after Erdogan sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to diplomats, the change of Turkey’s foreign policy was the reason that “several foreign countries staged the provocation and promised to support the army in a coup”. The interlocutors admitted that “these changes saved Erdogan” because it is unclear, handed the Russian side the intelligence in the opposite case.

The armed forces of Turkey reported that intelligence received information about impending military coup in the country a few hours before it starts. It happened July 15 at about 16:00 local time (coincides with Moscow). The military had to inform the leadership of the General staff,

Earlier TV channel Al Jazeera, citing correspondence of the rebels, reported that the plotters planned to launch a coup at 3:00 local time, but due to certain extraordinary circumstances they tried to carry out the intent of almost 6 hours earlier at 21:30.