The suppression of the coup called into question the abolition of visas to the EU for Turkish citizens

According to the European Commissioner for digital economy and society günther Oettinger, he sees no possibility to grant Turkey a visa-free regime in the light of the hard policy of the authorities of that country after a failed coup last weekend, reports Reuters.

As noted Oettinger, the issue of visa-free regime between Turkey and the EU is now being discussed in the European Parliament. “I can now predict that by the end of the year the decision will be taken”, — said the German politician. He noted that Ankara should provide EU guarantees the rule of law. “It’s not like we see it now in Turkey,” — said Oettinger.

The dissatisfaction of the Commissioner was caused, in particular, the decision of the Turkish authorities to abolish the immunity of deputies of the Parliament, which may lead to the fact that the legislature will not Pro-Kurdish opposition party. Criticized Oettinger and policies of the Turkish government in the field of media: the closure of opposition Newspapers and harassment of journalists critical of the government. The Commissioner also called unacceptable dismissal of judges, pointing to the need for the independence of the judiciary.

Regarding the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the suppression of the military rebellion Oettinger pointed out that the possible return of the death penalty is at odds with European values. “No country can become a member of the EU if it imposes the death penalty,” he said.

Agreement on the abolition of tourist visas to the EU for Turkish citizens was reached in March. It was a condition that Ankara has put Brussels in stemming the flow of illegal migrants travelling through Turkey to Europe.