The Turkish fleet after a coup attempt short of 14 ships

As The Times reports, citing a source, after a coup attempt by the Turkish Navy was short of fourteen warships. Fleet commander Veysel Kezele also not been in contact since July 16. It is unknown whether it is held hostage by the rebels or he was one of the leaders of the coup.

Before the attempted coup missing ships were on active military service in the Aegean and Black seas. According to the Times, despite the fact that their whereabouts can be detected by radar or satellites, ships failed to return to port. The lack of communication of ships with naval headquarters caused the assumption that some vessels may be sent in Greek ports. After a coup attempt on 16 July, eight Turkish officers had requested asylum in Greece, arriving there by helicopter.

According to reports in the Turkish media, which refers to The Times, Admiral Kezele tricked into the ship by the supporters of the coup, telling him the attack occurred. The Turkish government has refused to comment on the incident with the commander of the fleet, but confirmed that searches of suspects provocateurs.

That Ketele fell to the rebels, July 16, Reuters reported, citing a source in the Greek army. According to the Agency, the participants of the coup attempt, seized a frigate of the Turkish Navy on the basis of Gölcük on the southern shore of the sea of Marmara.

Greek newspaper Proto Thema claimed that the captured ship F-240 TCG Yavuz frigate of the Turkish Navy, equipped including anti-ship missiles Harpoon.