Volodin at the time of the election will move from the Kremlin in Bath lane

First Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, who oversees domestic political block of the Kremlin, will take leave to campaign for the elections of the state Duma, said two people surrounded by a Kremlin official. Volodin headed one of the territorial groups of the party list of “United Russia”. It includes his native Saratov oblast, and Volgograd, Penza and Tambov region.

According to the law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights…” persons in the state and municipal service, becoming the candidates of the state Duma, should go on leave no later than five days after the registration of the party list.

Volodin — a civil servant, he wrote a statement the next day, after the CEC will register the party list, said one of the interlocutors . Registration must occur before August 13 — the party should submit the documents till August 3 and for the next ten days, the CEC examines them.

During the period of leave duties Volodina takes another Deputy head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, said the source in the Kremlin. Volodin himself will not sit in their offices in the Kremlin and on Old square. It will allocate an office in the headquarters of “United Russia” in the Bath lane, says the interlocutor in its environment. The party will provide him and the road: the official will abandon the car from the garage Manager of the President.

“In accordance with the legislation of the party has the right to pledge its property as its registered candidates. Vyacheslav Volodin, if necessary, will be provided transportation and room,” — confirmed the head of the Central Executive Committee of United Russia Maxim Rudnev.

Volodin this office party is familiar: before entering government in 2010, he was Secretary of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia”.

However, most of the time will hold Volodin in the Saratov region at the meetings with voters, tells people in the environment official. According to him, Volodin plans to be in other regions of its group: in Volgograd, Penza and Tambov regions he will lead the campaign along with other members of the list — those who participated in the primaries in these areas.

The campaign Volodin replaced the head unit — instead of the native of power structures Konstantin Kadanina this place now is Vadim Marshall having experience with the media, says the source in the Kremlin. Marshall recently was the assistant of Department of internal policy, in this position, he was responsible for media and Internet industry. Previously, he led one of the close to the Kremlin funds, and until 2014 worked in journalism, including, he was Deputy editor-in-chief .

Marshall will help Volodin and during the election campaign, together with the chief, he will go on leave, said the source , Katanin will go to the Department of internal policy.

Volodin is not going to go to the Duma, said earlier interlocutors in the Kremlin. He has repeatedly and publicly declared the Kremlin’s desire to hold elections a competitive, open and legitimate. During the campaign he would like to test the Russian political system and hold elections in accordance with its stated principles, says the interlocutor in its environment.

Unlike Volodina Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who heads the list of “United Russia” and members of his governors to take a vacation should not. “Persons holding public office may not go on leave during the election campaign, and state employees are required to go on leave. These are two different categories, — said the expert on election law Andrey Buzin. — Before they were called category A and category B. prior To 2005, persons holding public office, had to go on vacation, now the only limitation that is imposed on them, is that they are not used during the election campaign the benefits of officials and official position.”

During the Duma elections in 2011 then-President Dmitry Medvedev, who headed the then pre-election list of “United Russia”, in holiday did not leave. The then head of the government Vladimir Putin running for President in 2012, several times he took a day off when working time met with the observers and their proxies.