Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch spoke about torture in Ukraine

International human rights organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, on Thursday submitted a report on cases of arbitrary detention and torture of civilians by the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and speakers on their side of the paramilitary groups. The same violations identified by human rights defenders by the authorities of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

The report is based on 40 interviews with victims, their relatives, lawyers. Only human rights activists have identified 18 people who passed through the torture, and illegal arrests on both sides. However, the authors of the report, the total number of victims much more, which is confirmed by the UN reports.

Torture and secret prisons on both sides

In its report, human rights defenders, tells the story of several people. One and the same person often subjected to torture by both sides in the conflict, meet the authors of the report. In April 2015 at the checkpoint of Ukrainian forces detained 39-the summer Vadim (name was changed) cite the example of human rights activists. The detainee wore a bag on his head and is being questioned in connection with the Pro-Russian forces. In conclusion, Vadim spent six weeks, most of the time in place, which presumably controls the security Service of Ukraine. He was tortured with electric shocks, used to burn his cigarettes, beaten, demanding that he confessed to having links with Pro-Russian forces, said in an interview with human rights defenders Vadim himself. After his release, he arrived in Donetsk, where was immediately detained by local authorities, who suspected him that he was recruited by the SBU, after which he spent more than two months spent in detention in a prison in the NPT, has no official status, where he was also beaten, indicated in the report.

In nine of the studied cases in the territory controlled by Ukraine, the interviewee was sarijali representatives of volunteer battalions, and then handed them over SBU, which is then decorated them according to the official procedure. Later, some were exchanged, some were released without trial. In three cases, the SBU allegedly kept detained in unknown locations and denied that they were hers.

According to human rights activists, the security Service of Ukraine has several places of detention. Administered objects are in Kramatorsk, raisins, Mariupol and Kharkiv. However, the SBU denied it. In the response sent to AI and HRW, the representative of the SBU indicates that in addition to the special detention center in Kiev, no other objects, where there may be detainees, the Agency has no.

The answer in the report refuted the story of 59-year-old Constantine Beskorovainy, a member of the local Council of Konstantinovka of the Communist party. November 27, 2014 in his home was invaded by armed men did not identify, accused him of terrorism and separatism and took Beskorovainaya, by placing first in the basement of a building. He claims that he was held first in Kramatorsk, and then translated into Raisins, and then almost 15 months he spent in Kharkov. At that time in the same building with him were up to 70 people. Before its release, not presented in the form of a man, told him not to say that Bezkorovainy was in prison, and to say that he was just hiding. Then Bezkorovainy gave 200 USD for the flight home and drove to Kharkov bus station.

All requests relatives Beskorovainaya SBU answered that hasn’t been seen since. Although the representative of the SBU Markiyan Lubkivsky on 19 December 2014, said that the service representatives detained “mad Communist”, without naming the name of the detainee.

Nine cases of detention of human rights defenders identified by the authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics. January 4 this year in Makeyevka was detained 23-year-old Yuri, who arrived in December last year for parents to stay with them for the winter holidays. He was arrested, predstavitelei Ministry of state security and still contains in Donetsk awaiting trial on charges of illegal possession of weapons, although his parents deny the presence of weapons. He faces up to four years in prison.

Crimes on both sides

Torture, arbitrary arrests and ill treatment are crimes draw the attention of the authors of the report. Ukrainian law strictly prohibits torture, they resemble. The report stated that, in some cases, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and the self-proclaimed republics hide the fact that the missing person is in them, and then the names of many of the detainees appeared on the negotiations on exchange of prisoners. “This gives grounds for concern about what both sides can keep civil to have a “currency” for exchange of prisoners. Such detention can be considered as the taking of hostages, a war crime,” according to a press release organizations.

“Under no circumstances are not legal or justified the detention of people on the street, depriving them of contact with family and lawyers, the beating,” recalls Tatyana Lokshina of Human Rights Watch.

According to Denis Krivosheev of Amnesty International, the Ukrainian authorities should investigate the human rights defenders. The security service of Ukraine have repeatedly denied that manages any secret prisons.

Local secret service DNI and LC are working generally without any restrictions, say human rights activists. The self-proclaimed authorities of the DNI has not yet read the report. Foreign Ministry spokesman DNR reported that currently work is underway to verify the facts contained in the previously released UN report, and the recommendations are being studied for the early implementation.