Creativity of the “United Russia” will a top Manager RTR

To start the active stage of the election campaign in the state Duma, United Russia is significantly expanding its campaign headquarters and changes its structure, said two people in the party leadership and was confirmed by the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov.

Before the primaries of United Russia created a Federal steering Committee, which afterwards was converted into the headquarters says the party members. According to them, now it will be introduced to additional people. Besides, it was decided that the headquarters will work in two different formats: the “operational headquarters” (meets twice per week in a restricted format for operational tasks ) and “advanced headquarters” (in full force meets every two weeks).

In the expanded headquarters will include about 30 people. The first meeting of the expanded headquarters will be held on Thursday evening, said Neverov.

The headquarters is headed by Neverov, he also led the organizing Committee before primaries and the headquarters of the party during regional campaigns. He will have seven deputies. Six are already working at the headquarters, they are joined by another — Victor Seliverstov who will charge organizational and regional direction. In the last eighteen years he headed the Executive Committee of the Moscow branch of the onf, and 2012-2014 was the Deputy head of the internal policy of the Kremlin.

Now Seliverstov is running for the state Duma from Moscow, and staff must be people representing the largest region, which also knows the entire regional agenda, says a source in the party.

The rest of the deputies previously worked in the headquarters. Deputy Secretary of the General Council Olga batalina will continue to be responsible for the advocacy unit, the leader of the Duma United Russia Vladimir Vasiliev’s interaction with deputies of regional legislative Assembly, head of the “Young guard” Denis Davydov for youth.

At the headquarters there will be two new areas, but will be led by those who have previously worked in the organizing Committee. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazansky will interact with trade unions, and the head of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov foreign voters. They are almost two million people, so these people decided to allocate in a separate direction, says United Russia. Another Deputy will be the head of the Central Executive Committee of the party Maxim Rudnev.

At the headquarters there will be two commissioners for Finance (Deputy Executive Committee Natalya Orlova) and legal issues (the other is the Deputy head of Executive Committee, member of CEC with right of deliberative vote Konstantin Mazurowski).

In the same structure will appear and creative group that will act in the structure of the campaign-propagandistico unit. It will lead candidates to the state Duma Deputy Director of VGTRK Evgeny Revenko. The group will develop proposals for the agenda of the party, says the source in the “United Russia”.

Will be included in the staff and candidates of the state Duma who as experts would be responsible for similar areas. Lyubov Dukhanina will be engaged in interaction with the educational environment, the doctor Dmitry Morozov — medical and chief editor of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya — cultural. They are joined by TV presenter Peter Tolstoy (running in Moscow), recently co — chair of the Council of supporters of United Russia.

Other members of staff previously included in the Federal Committee, they remain a part of staff, but changing their functionality, says the source in the “United Russia”. According to him, the emphasis is on working with social media.

In the “operational headquarters” will include the head, all seven deputies, two commissioners, and Revenko and fat.

In 2011, the headquarters of the United Russia party was also headed by Neverov. In 2007, a post he held Neverov predecessor on a post of the Secretary of the General Council Vyacheslav Volodin. Then the staff including a representative of the Department of internal policy of the Kremlin the first Deputy Volodin was Deputy head Leonid Ivlev. Only one of the Deputy chief of staff kept the place this time is Valery Ryazansky.