In the Kremlin commented on the statement by trump on the protection of the NATO countries from Russia

The Kremlin says is not very “good” to say “in vain the phrase about a hypothetical Russian attack on someone.” The journalists said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, transfers “RIA Novosti”. He commented on the response of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump on the question of a possible Russian attack on NATO countries.

In his opinion, “this is not a very good formulation”. Russia has “obligations in terms of ensuring the European global strategic security,” added Sands. With them, Russia “excellent job”, he said.

Question Trump about “threatening activities”, which alarmed the Baltic States, journalists of the newspaper the New York Times. If Russia attacks them, then he decides to come to the aid given did these countries “obligations to us”, told the newspaper the answer trump. “If they fulfil their obligations in relation to us, the answer is Yes,” said the candidate in US presidents from Republican party.

Trump also said that he would not put pressure on any country if he was elected President of the United States. He suggested “look” at what is happening in “our country”. “How are we going to lecture others, when people here shoot police officers in cold blood?” — said trump. Answering the question about the need for a permanent deployment of U.S. troops abroad, he said that if “necessary to protect” US, the army can always send “American territory” and it will be “much cheaper”.

Donald trump endorsed candidate in US presidents from Republican party on July 20. He was supported from 1725 2472 delegates Congress of the party.