Media reported about the plans of the Turkish coup to steal from the prison of the leader of the Kurds

Testimony about the attempt to kidnap Ocalan got 12 colonels who were arrested for participating in the coup, reported on the website of the Turkish TV channel Haberturk. The investigators believe that they were going on Navy ships to reach the island of Imralı, where the leader of the Turkish Kurds is serving a life sentence.

Place of departure of those arrested called the headquarters of the fleet in Istanbul and Salisbury. They said, in their opinion, the plan for the liberation of Ocalan was not feasible.

Arrested by the military, according to the channel, also said that the last meeting of the group of supporters of the coup, to which they originally belonged, was held on 13 July. It was attended by 80 officers in the rank of colonels and Lieutenant colonels. According to the suspects, the signal to start the mutiny was supposed to do on a mobile phone.

According to the TV channel TRT Haber, in the first hours after the beginning of the coup around the island of Imralı was noticed increased air activity. Near the island flying helicopters that have not been marked in the flight plan. In this regard, the security of the prison was transferred to a high state of readiness and air patrols around the island was strengthened.

The coup attempt was made in Turkey in the night of Saturday, July 16. By morning she was depressed, and most of its members were arrested. On Wednesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the introduction of a state of emergency for a period of three months.

Ocalan heads the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), which Turkish authorities believe the terrorist, in connection with its activities is prohibited. In 1999, Turkish secret services kidnapped Ocalan from Kenya’s capital Nairobi. He was accused of organizing illegal armed forces and sentenced to death which was then commuted to life in prison.

The formation of the PKK are based in the South-East of Turkey and in the border areas of Iraq and waging an armed struggle against Turkish security forces, pushing the demands for autonomy. In 2013 Ocalan called on his supporters to cease hostilities and enter into negotiations with the authorities. The truce did not last long.