NATO Secretary General did not see the weakening of the Turkish army after a coup attempt

According to the Secretary General of the Alliance, Turkey after the suppression of the attempted military coup is a reliable ally of NATO. “Turkey has a large professional army, and I am sure she will continue”, – quotes Agency Reuters Stoltenberg, speaking to reporters at a meeting of defense Ministers of countries participating in the antiterrorist coalition.

NATO Secretary General expressed the hope that the reaction of the Turkish authorities to the coup attempt will be proportionate and to meet the values that are shared throughout the Alliance. However, he pointed out that there can be no discussion about the future membership in NATO.

“It is important for us that Turkey was a strong member of NATO, because this country is located on the border of the zone of instability, given the continuing violence in Iraq and Syria,” – said Stoltenberg.

The NATO Secretary General also indicated that in light of the continued fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist group) need to better gather intelligence and share it with members of the antiterrorist coalition.

As pointed out by Reuters, after the coup, was arrested dozens of generals, which is about a third of the high-ranking officers of the Turkish army. Additionally, their posts were removed or arrested thousands of soldiers and officers.