The FBI joined the investigation into the murder Sheremet

On arrival, members of the Federal Bureau of investigation, USA to Kiev TV channel “112” said the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Ivan Varchenko.

“Arrived today and met with the head of the National police [Khatia Dekanoidze], the meeting discussed the progress of the investigation at the moment and objectives for the coming period,” said Varchenko.

Varchenko said that the FBI is immediately on the day of the journalist’s death on 20 July 2016. According to him, the FBI began to gather information and share their views with their Ukrainian colleagues.

He also explained that the meeting in Dekanoidze was a few people, but in the future the Ukraine will come to a few of the FBI.

“An organization such as the Federal Bureau of investigation, Ministry of justice, fulfills any similar topics, the whole array of its employees, which is about 36 thousand employees that connect when needed”, — he explained. He added that the FBI will employ a staff of investigative and criminal division and the division for the fight against terrorism.