The media learned about pressure of investigators arrested the head of the Moscow SK

Senior officials of the Investigative Committee who were arrested in the case Shakro Young, tried to put pressure on the head of the Main investigatory management SK across Moscow Alexander Drymanov. About it reports “RIA Novosti”, referring to the information source in the law enforcement system.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the Deputy head of the Moscow Department Denis Nikandrov, head of management of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Lemonov pressured Drymanov, that did not prevent them to make the illegal procedural decisions in the case of a close to Shakro Young.

“The consequence considers that Maksimenko, Limonov and Nikandrov had influenced the immediate superior of the latter, the head GASK of Russia in Moscow Alexander Drymanov General”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the investigation, the investigation was supposed to help Andrew Kochunov, which in criminal circles is known as the Italian, with the reclassification of a criminal case. Presumably, Nikandrov instructed to do this to the head of the Department of insurance po TSAO Alexey Kramarenko. “Kramarenko gave instructions to the investigator Andrey Bychkov, who reclassified the case from the very serious articles to the article of medium gravity”, — said the source RIA Novosti.

According to the interlocutor, Nikandrov, Limonov and Maksimenko received for retraining business Kochanova €500 thousand, He said, adding that the case was reclassified from “extortion” (part 3 of article 163 of the criminal code) for “arbitrariness” (part 2 of article 330 of the criminal code). At the same time, according to a source, the Bulls did not suspect about criminal intentions of his superiors.

The representative of the law enforcement system said that Kochunov is “involved in a firefight” Rodchelskaya street, which occurred in December 2015. When shooting were killed two people. The shootout occurred at the Elements restaurant. According to investigators, his owner Jeanne Kim extorted money Shakro Young. On 12 July he was charged.

Nikandrov, Limonov and Maksimenko was arrested Lefortovo court until September 15. Court session passed in the closed mode. All three are suspected of receiving a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the Criminal code).

As said a source in the FSB, Nikandrov is suspected that Shakro Young promised assistance in the solution of a question on criminal responsibility for $1 million In turn, the “Rosbalt” linked the detention Maksimenko who instructed the investigators of the TFR in Moscow’s Northern administrative area do not require the extension of the arrest Kochanova.