The Prosecutor talked about the five accomplices, staged the attack in nice

Staged a terrorist attack in nice 31-year-old Tunisian Mohamed Lawyer Boolell was preparing an attack for several months with the help of several accomplices. About the Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said at a press conference, reports Reuters.

“The investigation, which started in the night of 14 July, moved. It confirmed not only the fact that the attack of Muhammad Lawyera Bulela had planned the character, but that he has enjoyed the support and participation from outside”, — said the Prosecutor.

Previously, Molen said that Bolel twice came in sight of the cameras during the “rehearsal” of his drive on the promenade. However, several days ago the Prosecutor stated that the attack was planned in just a few days, and the Tunisian showed interest in radical Islam recently. The investigation failed to find the relationship of men with the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), which took responsibility for the attack.

The Prosecutor also told us that about two weeks before the attack Boolell tried to take the credit. However, the Bank rejected his application. In the end, the man withdrew money from all accounts and sold the car. On 4 July he paid $1.6 million for the lease of the truck, which later crashed into a crowd of people on the promenade des Anglais in nice.

The evening of 14 July, the truck crashed into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day. The truck managed to ride about 2 km before the police managed to shoot the driver. The attack killed 84 people, several hundred were injured. Among the dead were two Russians.