Trump has called the conditions for the protection of the countries-members of NATO away from Russia

The candidate in US presidents from Republican Donald trump has doubts that he would automatically extend security guarantees to the countries-members of NATO. About this trump said in an interview with The New York Times. He noted that we are talking about safeguards, “giving the 28 member countries of NATO confidence that USA with all its military resources will “cover their backs”.

In response to the question about “threatening activities” of Russia, which worries the Baltic States, trump said that if Russia attacked them, he would provide military assistance only if they fulfil their obligations to the United States. “If they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is Yes,” said trump.

He assured, however, that is not going to exert any pressure on other States, if he becomes President. According to the billionaire, the US has no right to lecture other countries. “Look what is happening in our country. How are we going to lecture others, when people here shoot police officers in cold blood?” he said. In addition, trump said that he considers necessary to the permanent deployment of American troops abroad.

“If we decide that we need to defend the United States, we can always send them [the troops] American territory and it will be much cheaper,” — he explained.

The candidate for us presidents also suggested that part of the US nuclear Arsenal may be in an unusable state. “We have a lot of retired nuclear weapons, and we don’t even know if it works”, — he said. Trump also assured that he is ready to begin large-scale modernization of the armed forces of the country.

In April, trump called normal possible disintegration of NATO. Then he criticized US allies in NATO for the lack of contribution to the organization. “We protect them, provide military support and so forth, and they robbed the United States. And what are we doing? Nothing,” he said. In his view, the countries-members of NATO should “pay US all underpaid before.”

Jul 20, trump has been officially approved by the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Elections will be held November 8, 2016.