Wife opponent’s trump withdrew from the Congress to the Republicans after the speech of her husband

As reported by Reuters, the party Congress of the Republican party Ken Cuccinelli, wife of Ted Cruz, Heidi had to be evacuated from the hall after her husband in his speech, refused to support the candidacy of Donald trump for President of the country, reports Reuters.

As explained by Cuccinelli, he had to bring Heidi Cruz from the Congress because he feared for her safety.

Speakers at the Congress Cruz, who during the election campaign was the main opponent of trump, did not in his speech to support former opponent, and instead urged the US citizens to come to the polls in November to defend freedom and the Constitution. When the end of the 20-minute speech, Cruz listeners understand that he will not openly support trump, in the hall there was a dissatisfied rumble and chanting “We want trump.”

Trump himself appeared in the hall just to the end of the cruise.

During the election campaign of the Republican party, trump repeatedly insulted the wife of Ted Cruz, including discussing her appearance. Supporters of the billionaire indicated that he did this in response to the actions of your opponents, vykladyvanii Network Nude pictures of his wife Melania.

Another former opponent of trump’s Senator Marco Rubio from Florida during a speech at the Congress supported him and noted the positive side of his program, including a promise to strengthen the security of the country, as well as lower taxes. “Time to fight against each other has passed. Now it is time to fight for a new way of development of America and victory in noyabrskiy election,” said Rubio.