Yakunin was engaged in training Russian students abroad

That the endowment Fund “Sources”, which was founded by the ex-President of “Russian Railways” (RZD) Vladimir Yakunin, has launched the project about teaching Russian students of political science in the leading universities of the world, said the head of Department on public relations of the Foundation Olga Biryukova. According to her, this is a joint project with the faculty of political science of Moscow state University.

In the first selection, said Biryukova was determined four winners, who received a scholarship to study in summer schools abroad. It is the students of Moscow state University from Moscow, Ulan-Ude, Nizhny Novgorod and Astrakhan. Two of them began their training in the French Institute of political studies (Sciences Po), one student at the London school of Economics and political science and another in National University of Singapore, said Biryukov.

Earlier Biryukov said that the project also involves the British Oxford, Peking University and Hong Kong University.”With all these universities have signed agreement provides an opportunity to study from 2 weeks to a month, if we are talking about several courses,” — said Biryukov.

As told himself Yakunin, a training program for students abroad were reviewed and endorsed by the academic Council of the faculty of political science of Moscow state University, and then another, and passed coordination at the rector of the University Viktor Sadovnichy. This program, according to Yakunin, allows students “in the early stages of learning to get acquainted with the leading political science” courses abroad.

The price of the course, as explained Yakunin, is determined by each summer school. Fund Istoki compensate for tuition, accommodation and flights, the average is 4.5 thousand euros, says the former President of Russian Railways. In the future, said Yakunin, the Fund will attract partners and sponsors to expand the program and, accordingly, the allocation of more scholarships.

Educational programs that get students different. Graduate students more interesting and relevant courses related to the use of methods of empirical research for their dissertations or courses such as game theory, applied data analysis, gives an example Yakunin. Students more interested in “comparative studies” or the topic of migration and the electoral process.

In addition to holding summer schools for students, the Foundation plans to develop a student exchange program, which provides training of foreign students in summer schools of Moscow state University and other leading Russian universities.

Fond “Istoki” was registered on 5 Mar 2013. The income from the investments attracted donations are directed to development of socially significant programs of the St. Andrew Foundation and national glory Center, Chairman of the boards of Trustees of which is Yakunin. The purpose of the funds is “attracting public attention to the issues of spiritual and moral revival of Russia, the veneration of Russian history and culture, education and upbringing of youth”. The volume of the generated target capital Fund is among the five largest endowments of Russia.

Vladimir Yakunin left the post of President of the Russian Railways in August 2015, after this he was invited to become a member of the Federation Council of the Kaliningrad region, but in the end he abandoned this post. Failure, he explained the desire to focus on expert and scientific work. Now Yakunin, acting President of the Russian society of political scientists.

Teaching Russian students of political science at foreign universities Yakunin launched, despite frequent criticism of Western countries. In an interview with TASS in 2014, he said that “the West is conducting systematic, well-layered and disburse information war aimed at the destruction of the values of the Russian people. According to Yakunin, “the ultimate goal of “financial oligarchy” — “chipizatsiya of mankind,” he wrote in the anthology “the Development of the economy.”

“Everything becomes familiar: the enemy popped up from the corner, a shot rang out. And given how developed the graphics of modern games, the Americans are sure that without sending in the army or the war they bring people with a certain mentality,” said Yakunin at a lecture in St. Petersburg state University “Globalization and capitalism” in March 2015.