Gorbachev asked the IOC to allow the Olympic games to “clean” athletes

Soviet President and Nobel peace prize winner, Mikhail Gorbachev wrote a letter to the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Richard Bach and the IOC members with a request to consider his position when the decision on the admission of Russian athletes at the Olympics. The text of the letter published on the website “Match TV”.

“I appeal to you to consider my position in making decisions on the admission of Russian athletes as well as Paralympians to the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro,” wrote Gorbachev.

He further noted that removed from the competition should be the athletes, the doping of which is proved. He called for a “thorough investigation, punish the perpetrators and to take measures to prevent this in the future.”

In addition, Gorbachev in a letter Bach said that his “worrying and deeply disappointing” the possibility that in case of suspension of Russian athletes from the Olympics along with the guilty will be punished is innocent.

“I can’t accept the principle of collective punishment. I am convinced that it is contrary to the culture of the Olympic movement, based on universal values, humanism and principles of law.”

Assistant Gorbachev confirmed that the letter is genuine and will be posted on the website of the former President.