Media reported about the bomb under the car Sheremet woman

An explosive device under the car of Subaru, where the journalist Pavel Sheremet rode on the morning air, laid a woman. About it reported the edition “Observer”, who turned out to be recordings from surveillance cameras.

The video, which is published on the website of the “Browser” is a gluing of recordings from multiple cameras, which capture different time intervals in the night of July 20.

First, according to the publication, a man approaches the parked car, which in the morning will undermine Sheremet, and ready for attachment of an explosive device”. Two hours later, a man and a woman coming towards the house Sheremeta at a distance of 15 meters from each other, in the hands of women is seen a heavy bag. Five minutes later they’re talking to each other, and the man starts to imitate the gait of a drunken man.

After that, the woman stops at a Subaru, puts it under the bottom of the machine the contents of the package and leaves.

Video: Oboz. TV

Sheremet died July 20 in an explosion in a car that belonged to the head of the edition “Ukrainian truth”, his common-law wife Alena Pritula. The journalist went on live radio “Vesti”. The Prosecutor’s office qualified the explosion as a homicide.

On Friday in Kiev held a farewell ceremony with Sheremet, in which took part the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Earlier, Poroshenko demanded to punish the guilty and involved in the investigation of FBI experts in the USA. Sheremet will be buried on Saturday at home in Minsk.