Moscow election Committee accused Zyuganov in the use of administrative resource

Chairman of the Moscow city election Commission (IPCC) Valentin Gorbunov sent a letter to Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin and leaders of all factions, which asks us to prevent the use of advantages of official position on the part of members in the conduct of their election campaign. Treatment Gorbunova has .

Gorbunov says that he complained to the residents of Moscow. In their complaints the residents wrote that he had received a letter from Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov with an appeal to vote on 18 September for the Deputy from the Communist party Valery Rashkin. Letters Zyuganov was written on the letterhead of the state Duma and sent in postal envelopes with corresponding marking”, the appeal says Gorbunova.

Rashkin stands in deputies of the state Duma at Lublin odnomandatnik electoral district, covering the districts of Vykhino-Zhulebino, Kapotnya, Kuzminki, Lyublino and Marino. Besides him there were candidates from “Fair Russia”, LDPR, “Apple” “Parnassus” and Peter Tolstoy from the “United Russia”.

The letter is attached Gorbunova residents ‘ complaints and letters Zyuganov with envelopes. They Zyuganov thanked the recipient for supporting the initiatives of the party and reports on the nomination of Raskin and its support for the candidate. The content of the complaints of the residents of the areas Vyhino, Zhulebino, LJUBLINO, Marino, Kapotnya about the same: they reported that the letter of the leader of the Communist party were received by the pensioners in early July that the consent to use their data they did not give that Zyuganov is breaking the law, using campaign letterhead of the state Duma. In addition, residents are asking to be paid if the production of these letters from the election Fund of the Communist party or Rashkin.

“In these circumstances, seen signs of violation of legislation on elections to the order of campaign and Finance election campaign of the candidate, the prohibition on the use of advantages of official position”, drew attention to the IPCC and asked the representatives of the Duma to report the total volume the same outgoing correspondence, the total cost of these items, including used forms, envelopes, postage. In addition, the Commission asks “to consider the adoption of additional measures to prevent the use of advantages of official position on the part of MPs”.

The complaint was forwarded to the CEC to the President of the Ella Panfilova. The CEC received the appeal, at the moment it is under consideration, reported the press service of the Central election Commission, refused to comment further. This use of official position for campaign purposes, it is necessary to understand, praised the actions of Zyuganov in an interview with one of the members of the CEC. Violation of order of agitation according to is punishable by a fine of up to 2,5 thousand rubles for individuals and a fine of up to one hundred thousand rubles for parties and legal entities.

According to the law on elections of deputies of the state Duma, it is prohibited to conduct election campaigning, publish and distribute any campaign materials to persons holding public office in the exercise of their official duties or taking advantage of his official position. The indication in the promotional material office of such person is not a violation of this prohibition. The Deputy of the state Duma under the law is a person who holds a public office, so that they a ban on the use of official position spreads.

From Gorbunova do this email, but it is a notification, no check in the Duma is assured Rashkin. “Letter from Zyuganov was sent to the addresses of residents who had requested me as a Deputy with their complaints. Zyuganov sent them the gratitude that they treated me, welcomed me. These letters were sent before the decree of the President about appointment of elections. It does not fall under election laws. The letters were not printed on the letterhead of the state Duma, which are numbered, and they went through regular mail and not through the state Duma”, — said the Deputy. Forms used by Zyuganov, are not official forms of the state Duma, they just like them, the source confirmed in the Duma apparatus.

Violations of electoral legislation on the part of the Communists there, according to an expert on election law, Grigory Melkonyants. According to him, if the mailing occurred before the Congress of the Communist party, all in accordance with the law. Congress of Communists was held on 25 June, Zyuganov and letter dated June 17. According to the law on elections of deputies of the state Duma campaign period for political parties begins on the date of its decision on the nomination of a Federal list of candidates, candidates in single-mandate constituencies. And the fact that the residents received a letter after the Congress, it is not the fault of the candidate, the expert believes.