The authorities of Moscow refused to coordinate meeting against the “law of Spring”

City hall of Moscow refused to coordinate meeting against anti-terrorist law” Irina Yarovaya, said “RIA Novosti” head of Department of regional security of Moscow Alexei Mayorov. According to Mayorova, the organizers “have not complied with all the procedures on registration of documents.

“On the 26th was the application associated with the protection of the Constitution, articles 23 and 24 and the freedom of the Internet… We have not agreed, given that the organizers have not fulfilled all the procedures related to the preparation of documents for the conduct of the event” — said “RIA Novosti” Alexei Mayorov

The rally was scheduled for July 26. That it is agreed that the city authorities, reported ally of opposition leader Alexei Navalny Oleg Volkov. He has published in his Twitter photo response of the municipality to considered the application which proposed to change the venue of the rally “In defense of 23 and 24 articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation against Internet censorship and Internet surveillance Internet freedom” from the area of metro station “China-town” in the area Yauza Gate.

In a conversation with wolves confirmed that the organizers agreed to the proposal of city hall.