The police called the basic version of murder Sheremet

A group of 50 professionals working on the disclosure of murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet, as the basic version considers his professional activity. On Friday said the Department of communications of the National police of Ukraine. According to the Agency, also considers other versions.

The investigation has already taken and continue to removed the video from surveillance cameras, recording DVRs car standing near the house Sheremeta, and live near the blast site, said the national police.

Previously published on the Internet video is considered as evidence. “The task force establishes the identity of the people with this video, and also suggests that they may be involved in the explosion,” — said the Agency.

We are talking about video surveillance cameras, which earlier on Friday published a Ukrainian edition of “Browser”. It shows under the car Sheremet woman lays, presumably, an explosive device, and paired with her working man.

Later, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko stated that Sheremet was killed by a group of people. To such conclusion, according to Lutsenko, the police came after analyzing all the videos.

Sheremet died July 20 in an explosion in a car in which he was riding to live, “Radio News”. The car belonged to Alena Pritula — chief of the edition “Ukrainian truth”, and civil to his wife Sheremet. The Prosecutor’s office qualified the explosion as a homicide.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who took part Friday in the ceremony of farewell with Sheremet, previously required to involve an expert in the investigation of the FBI. They have already arrived in Kiev and are working on the case.

Earlier the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported that investigators are considering six versions of the murder Sheremet, including main — “an attempt to destabilize the sitatsii in the country.”