The Saudi Minister spoke about the benefits for Russia in the rejection of Assad

Russia can get access to the market of the countries of the Commonwealth Council of Arab States of the Persian Gulf, and investment that will exceed the investments from China, said the Saudi Minister in an interview with Politico Europe.

“From the Russian side it would be reasonable to say that that’s where we should develop our relations in our own interest, and not with Assad,” said al-Jubeir. He stressed that the Saudi leadership knows that Vladimir Putin again wants to gain a foothold in the middle East.

“We are ready to give Russia a share in the middle East, which will make Russia much stronger than the Soviet Union,” said al-Jubeir. He added that Moscow and Riyadh have differences on Syria, but they relate not so much interests in this country, many ways to implement them.

Assad’s days are numbered, the Minister said, urging “to cut a deal while you can”.

In may, al-Jubeir argued for stronger military support to the Syrian opposition if Assad’s government does not comply with the terms of the armistice. At the beginning of the year, the Minister assumed the power to overthrow the President of Syria, if his resignation is not achieved by political means.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in April, said of the proposals for a violent ouster of Assad that Moscow intends to “fully contribute to the peaceful settlement of the Syrian issue and consistently conduct business in line with the fight against terrorism and to facilitate the legitimate Syrian authorities”.