Media published a photo of the Munich arrow

Shooting in Munich, which killed nine people, was opened by 18-year-old German Iranian origin Ali Sonboli, according to the newspaper Das Bild, which published a picture of him.

Earlier, the Prosecutor, Thomas Steinkraus-Koch said that the killers could be mental problems. He pointed out that the shooter, reportedly turned to the doctor due to depression, but indicated that so far there has not been enough time to fully confirm these data.

According to the head of the Munich police Hubertus Andre, the police have no information about the relationships hand with radical Islamic groups, including the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). The killer was a German citizen of Iranian origin, but he was born in Germany and studied at one of the local universities. Andre also said that the shooter used a Glock pistol, which he didn’t have permission.