Savchenko admitted the possibility of dictatorship for the sake of change in Ukraine

The political system in Ukraine need to change only top, during the transition period, it is possible to establish the dictatorship. This opinion in an interview with Deutsche Welle was expressed by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko.

“To change the powers of the President structure of the country, the laws to restart, to act for the people, fight corruption — should become the kind of dictator who holds all in his hands. In order to take that power back to the people and to do so more than ever the power of the people is not taken,” — said Savchenko.

She also spoke about the possibility of running for President of Ukraine. “I responded that I don’t want to, but I answered what I can. And now I must answer that, most likely, already have” — said Ukrainian army.

Its readiness to become President pilot said at the end of may, immediately after his pardon and return home.

“The Ukrainians, if you want me to be President, well, I’m President. I just still don’t quite believe that we have people learned to not vote for buckwheat. I honestly can not say what I want, I love to fly, but if necessary, I’ll do it, I walk this path and will work with the impact,” she said.

In addition, Savchenko stressed that they are ready to “be anyone”, if this will require the Ukrainian people. “Except that I’m ready to be President, I’m still ready to become fitter-altitude climber. I’m ready to become a cleaning lady or anybody, where I will benefit. I still remain an officer. If I see that I can be useful here, my ambition will never be higher. I don’t want to be President just to be there. If I there will be for Ukraine, I’m there,” she said.

3 July 2016 on a talk show on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” Savchenko said that he agreed to head the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Speaking about what she did in this post, she noted that “legalized would the army that is really effective and would get rid of all that “the development of corruption, and harms all who are at the forefront”. She also criticized the “exaggerated” States of command.

Savchenko was sentenced by a Russian court to 22 years in prison on charges of involvement in the deaths of employees VGTRK in the Donbass in 2014. In may 2016, she was pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin and returned to Ukraine.