The FSB has requested criminal cases Deputy head of the Moscow Department of the TFR

The FSB has requested all criminal cases handled by arrested on charges of bribery, Deputy head of the Moscow Directorate of SKR Denis Nikandrov. “Thus, the investigators check it on participation in other similar crimes”, – said the Agency TASS informed source.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, Nikandrov was involved in case of bribery of the former head of GSU SK of Russia Dmitry Dovgy, a fraud case Director on coordination of fight against organized crime on the territory of CIS States Alexander Bokova. In addition to that, he worked on the “second Yukos case” and the case of the protection racket suburban prosecutors illegal casino.

Nikandrov and two high-ranking members of the Investigative Committee were arrested on the case of the thief in law nicknamed Shakro Young.

A source in the FSB stated that nikandrova suspect that it is for the $1 million promised Shakro Young to help resolve the issue with the criminal case. Maksimenko, according to the Agency “Rosbalt”, was detained due to the fact that he instructed the investigators not to require to renew the arrest of Andrei Kochanova, “right hand” Shakro Young.