A Syrian refugee with a machete attacked passers-by in the South of Germany

The man, armed with a machete, killed a woman in the German city of Reutlingen in southern Germany 40 km from Stuttgart. About this newspaper Bild.

During the attack he killed the woman. Two more people were injured.

The attack occurred near the stall with kebabs. The woman worked in a stall, said Bild. People in panic ran from the assailant. “He was totally out of mind. With a machete, he fled even at a patrol police car” — said one of the witnesses to the newspaper.

Police were able to detain the man, clarifies the issue.

The police in Reutlingen confirmed information about the attack, said Spiegel. The assailant was a Syrian refugee, said Reuters, citing the police. He acted alone.

On Friday, July 22, in the shopping center Olympia in Munich the shooting occurred. A man named Ali Sonboli first opened fire near the restaurant “McDonald’s”, and then went to the Mall. During napadenie killed nine people.

The crime Sonboli prepared for about a year. The gun he bought illegally through the Internet he found a Glock pistol ninth caliber, his backpack was found 300 rounds of ammunition. Police also found him at home the book “a Rage in my head: why do students kill” and newspaper clippings about the attacks of people-individuals with firearms because of the “sudden insanity”.