The suburbs are faced with a 15% drop in demand for apartments

In the first half in the Moscow region was almost 15% fewer transactions with transfer of rights to residential premises than in the same period of 2015, according to the office rosreestra Moscow region: 294,7 thousand and 345, 4 thousand transactions, respectively. This statistic describes the operations on the secondary housing market.

Reduced demand for new buildings. From January to June 2016 number of contracts of participation in shared housing construction (POS) in the Moscow region decreased by 4% to 41,3 thousand

In Moscow, by contrast, deals with both new and secondary real estate began to be more often. The total volume of transactions with transfer of ownership of housing increased by 10.8%, to 62,7 thousand Earlier management of Federal registration service across Moscow reported a 52 per cent increase in the number of contracts of equity participation (against 14.3 thousand 9.4 thousand for the same period in 2015). Such rapid growth is due to the fact that this year, the developers transferred to the PO many buyers who in the past has entered into preliminary agreements and contracts for HBC (selling through housing cooperatives), which are not recorded in the statistics of Federal state statistics service, explains the Director of “IRN-Consulting Tatyana Kalyuzhnova.

The popularity of Moscow influenced the fact that within the last year Moscow developers have brought to market a record volume of new projects that at a price able to compete with the suburbs, the expert adds. Played a role. “Approximately 30% of projects with 100% payment you can get a discount of 5-10%,” — said Kalyuzhnova.

The average price of new buildings of Moscow from the TTC to the Moscow ring road, according to IRN, is now 172,3 thousand rubles. In the suburbs at the end of June it amounted to 85.4 thousand rubles. per 1 sq m, according to research company “MIEL-new Buildings”. But when you look at the specific offers the benefit of buying apartments in Moscow becomes more visible. For example, in mid-June, the company Zheldoripoteka brought to market a new residential complex “Atmosphere” in the Lublin district of South-Eastern administrative district. At the stage of preparing the site for construction works the cost of one – and two-bedroom apartments with an area of 34.9–76,9 sq. m is 4.1–11.1 million RUB., or 115-145 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m.

Average price per “square” in the LCD Opelika O3″, located in the suburbs, 13 km from MKAD, is 124 thousand rubles, and the price of apartments, according to the website of the developer, from 2.4 million to 6.86 million RUB. (for one – and two-bedroom apartment, respectively).