Trump has threatened U.S. withdrawal from the WTO

The presidential candidate from the Republican party, Donald trump has threatened U.S. withdrawal from the world trade organization if his plans to protect the rates of production in the country will meet resistance. She declared it in interview to TV channel NBC News.

In an interview, he said that for companies that brought production from the United States, such as Mexico, it is necessary to impose import duties ranging from 15% to 35%. On the remark of the journalist that such measures can be challenged in the WTO, trump replied “even better”.

“In this case, we will review the agreement or get out (of the WTO),” he said (quoted by The Hill). “These trade deals are a disaster, — said trump,” You know, the world trade organization is itself a disaster.”

Trump cited the example of a Carrier from Indiana, which puts production in Mexico. “If they’re going to fire all the staff, move the plant to Mexico, to collect there the air conditioning and plan to sell these air conditioners in the United States, in this case there will be taxes,” he explained.

The candidate also suggested reviewing the global trade agreements of the United States, including the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP) that the Obama administration has concluded with 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Earlier in his keynote speech at the Republican Convention trump has accused former US President bill Clinton and former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton that their policy has led to a reduction of one-third of jobs in the U.S. industry since 1997. A mistake, in his opinion, was the support given by the Clinton administration to the accession of China to the WTO.

In addition, trump criticized the current administration of Barack Obama. He repeated his promise to build a wall on the US border to block illegal immigration, has promised to fight the dumping and currency manipulation of China. Tram also promised to pursue fair trade policies protect the jobs of Americans and to deal with countries that violate the agreement.