Blew himself up in Germany was a refugee from Syria

According to the publication NordBayern, during a press conference, the Prosecutor Ansbach Michael Snetberger reported that blew themselves up in the wine bar a man was a citizen of Syria, who came to Germany two years ago. A year ago, he was denied German citizenship, but refugee was not allowed to return home by the end of the civil war and placed him in Ansbach.

The interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann announced that Syrian twice tried to commit suicide in Germany, however, it is unclear whether he meant this time to kill only themselves, or visitors to the restaurant.

The fact is that the explosive device which was in the backpack the Syrians, could, according to Herrmann, to kill many people. In particular it turned out that it was Packed with striking elements in the form of metal parts.

Also there is no evidence whether the Syrians associated with certain radical groups, including “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

The explosion in the restaurant in addition to the deceased Syrian injured 12 people, the condition of three of them is estimated as heavy.

It is known that the institution in which the explosion occurred was near the site of the music festival, which was attended by over two thousand people. In connection with the incident, the concert was interrupted, and people began to evacuate. There is no accurate information about how did a man with explosives to penetrate the festival.