Doping is not a hindrance: how sponsors have responded to the scandal with the Russian national team

Although the IOC has not suspended the Russian Olympic team at full strength from the Games in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of Russian athletes remains in question. The decision should be taken by the international Federation, each in their sport. On sponsorship contracts is not yet affected.

The General sponsor of the ROC, which provides over half of budget revenues Olympic Committee, is the company “Gazprom”. A four-year agreement with him for $130 million was signed in October 2014. This money went to providing teams of qualified training personnel, including foreigners, and to Finance the training of athletes to the Games at the request of the federations.

Among the other General partners and sponsors of the ROC on the official website of the Committee named company Aeroflot, Bosco, MegaFon, Rosneft, Russian Railways, Rostelecom, Sberbank, the pension Fund “Future” and “Norilsk Nickel”. Most of the partners moved to the current Olympic cycle from the past — they signed contracts with the organizing Committee before the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

“The Foundation is the General partner of the ROC in the Olympic cycle 2016-2018, and our status has not changed,” — said the press service of the NPF “the Future”, owned by Boris Mints.

The representative of “Rostelecom” Irina Gabrova explained that the company was a partner of the Sochi Olympics, but is not a sponsor of the Russian team at the Olympics in Rio. However, the logo of “Rostelecom” will be on the website of the ROC until the end of 2016, she said. In the savings Bank, “Rosneft” and “MegaFon” also said that do not sponsor the Olympic team. “Gazprom”, “Aeroflot”, “Norilsk Nickel” did not respond to a request .

The total income of the organising Committee from sponsorship revenue before the Olympics in Sochi were estimated at $1.2 billion After the Games-2014, the contracts of the partners moved the ROC.

“Sponsors are advertised in the qualifying competition and between competitions. Since the preliminaries have already passed, the team and the Federation, in addition to the athletes, their obligations to sponsors are fulfilled, and current contracts this situation will not change. But on the future contracts that will influence very strongly, and if the problem is not resolved, in the future, the ROC will be extremely difficult to attract sponsors and partners”, — said the Director of the Center for sports marketing of the University “synergy” Valery Gorelikov.

In the company Bosco — main outfitter of the Olympic team of Russia — say they will comply with its obligations under any situation. Bosco has partnered with OCD with the 2002 winter Olympics in salt lake city) and prepared equipment for the Russian team is already in eight Olympic games. As told earlier the head of Bosco group, Mikhail Kusnirovich, during the cooperation with OCD total sponsorship fee of the company amounted to at least $100 million

According to Kusnirovich, the doping scandal around the Russian Olympic team has not had a negative impact on sales of clothing from the new collections prepared specially for the Games in Rio. It was presented at the end of April 2016 and is already on sale in the stores of the company. Compared with the collection released for the summer Olympic games in London in 2012, the current sales are at a faster pace,” said Kusnirovich. Businessman admits that these figures are worse than before the Olympics in Sochi, but said that was the effect of home Games, when everyone in the stadium or watching television was the owner of any licensed products. Before the Sochi Olympics the company’s CFO Alexei Skvortsov in an interview with the magazine “Financial Director” we evaluated the proportion of sports areas Bosco in 12-15% of the total revenue of the company (€500 million) and expected to increase that figure.

Scandals like the current one even with bad developments will not affect the company’s sales, said the curator of the Research center of brandmanagement and brendtehnology Nicholas Corot: “It could be clothing of Champions, which boasts the country, and it may be he victims of external circumstances. He and the other message is easily read by the target audience of the Bosco collection. The main message from Bosco — an Association of people in the victories and defeats under a single flag, regardless of social, religious and other differences”.