Moscow authorities again refused to agree on a meeting “against the law Spring”

The Moscow authorities informed the organizers of the rally in defense of the Internet about the refusal to hold the shares at the Yauza Gates in Moscow. The relevant document on the page in Facebook published an associate of Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov.

In the letter signed by first Deputy head of the Department of regional security of Moscow Vasily Oleinik stated that on 26 July at the Park border Guards of the Fatherland agreed another public event.” “So you don’t have the right to conduct the stated meeting,” concluded Oleynik.

“The notification procedure of the coordination meetings? Not heard. The absence of a right to refuse? Not heard. Three days for approval? Not heard. The duty to offer another site. Not heard”, — commented on the position of the municipality of wolves. He reminded that earlier the city authorities have offered the opposition to hold a rally at the Yauza gates.

Initially, the applicants wanted to hold a rally in Slavyanskaya square. In the mayor’s office felt that holding a rally in this location will interfere with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Alternatively, Moscow authorities have proposed to hold a rally in the Park border Guards of the Fatherland.

However, later the authorities refused to agree on a meeting. Its decision they explained by the fact that the organizers had not complied with all procedures associated with the paperwork. Volkov later said that one of the applicants, Ivan Zhdanov broke the silence and noticed that under the proposal on the postponement of the meeting with the Slavic area to the area Yauza gate is only his signature. The absence of signatures of the two other organizers of the authorities regarded as disagreement with the transfer.

“Huddle up by the organisers later today and tell you what to do with it. Rally 100% agreed, scribble city hall 200% illegal, but it’s there; to expose people to danger, we will not. We’ll figure something out; I’ll write,” wrote Volkov in connection with another failure.

A rally “in defense of 23 and 24 articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation against Internet censorship and Internet surveillance, Internet freedom in Russia” was scheduled for July 26. The wolves sent a request for action against the “Spring package” as the leader of the society for the protection of the Internet (OZY) on July 11.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved amendments to anti-terrorism legislation developed by the MP Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov, June 24. The amendments oblige Internet companies and operators to store messages and conversations of users, as well as “images, sounds, video, other communications, up to six months. The bill was criticized by representatives of the IT sphere, mobile network operators and defenders.