Putin instructed to develop an alternative program Kudrin

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti” to process the report of the Stolypin club, President Vladimir Putin suggested his assistant Andrei Belousov. The head of state wrote on the letter “I do”. Now the processing of the report will deal with the interagency group in the government, gathered to discuss the report. It is expected that the program will be provided to the Presidium of the economic Council under the President no later than the fourth quarter.

Report of the Stolypin club, proposed to increase investment, pumping up the economy with public money from the budget and through the issue of the Bank of Russia. In turn, the concept of the Center of strategic development Alexey Kudrin suggested that the investment was private, and the state provided macro-economic stability, low inflation, reduced budget deficit.

According to the publication, the interagency group for the development of the concept of “Economics of growth” was created in April. It was discussed at the Presidium of the economic Council, and the St. Petersburg international economic forum Vladimir Putin said about the need for macroeconomic stability. The government thus decided that the concept won Kudrin.

“He (Kudrin) is thought that one will shape the economic agenda for the President and this Commission says there will be different positions,” said a senior source.

Putin is the creation of a system of counterweights is an election story, said the President of “Minchenko consulting” Evgenie Minchenko. However, he pointed out that the support from Putin are fighting different forces and people, including Belousov.

The publication indicates that he was dissatisfied with the increasing influence of Kudrin and rumors about his possible return to power. Many are not interested in strengthening Kudrin, agree Minchenko, and on the eve of the election, the struggle for influence on the President will only be exacerbated.